New Feature Writer’s Blocks 5

Here are twenty great new features in Writer’s Blocks version 5.

Organize in Rows or Columns
Previous versions of Writer’s Blocks have allowed you to organize your information in columns with each column having an editable heading.  Writer’s Blocks 5 allows you to organize your information in columns or rows.

Transpose Columns and Rows
Writer’s Blocks 5 allows you to gain a new perspective on your work by viewing your information as or rows or columns.  You can transpose your blocks form Columns to Rows or back with a single click.

Full screen mode
The new user interface lets you hide the menus and maximize your block and/or manuscript panels.  You can also display only the menu tabs and hide the ribbon buttons to increase your display space.

Resize Text in Blocks
The new Resize Text function in Writer’s Blocks 5 adjusts the viewing size of the text in each block so that all text is visible in the block without changing the font size of the text.  This function is similar to the Resize Block function which enlarges each block so that all text in the block is visible in the block. This feature does not affect the printing font size and may not print all text in a block.

Fit Block Text Printing
Now you can choose to shink block text to fit when printing your blocks. You can also choose to fit all block text when printing index cards.

Zoom Block Text
Now you can use the familiar CTRL+MouseWheel function to change the text zoom level of each block independent of the block’s font size.  This feature is similar to the Zoom feature found in other products that maginify the text (document) being displayed without chaning the font size of the text (document). Each blocks’s text zoom level is saved with the block.

Re-Zoom Blocks
Now you can use the Zoom menu group dialog launcher button to unAutoSize your blocks returning all blocks to the default size and all block text their assigned font sizes.

ReSize (AutoSize) Blocks Horizontally in Rows
When arranging and displaying blocks in row, the ReSize and AutoSize function increase the width of your blocks to display all text in the blocks.

Document Templates
Template serve as a starting point for your new documents. When saving a documnent created with a template, you will be  prompted to save a copy of the document, preventing you from overwriting the template.

ReNumber (AutoNumber) Block by Rows
Writer’s Blocks 5 lets you renumber your blocks and by rows or columns.

ReNumber Columns or Row Heading
Writer’s Blocks 5 lets you renumber rows or column headings using the Renumber dialog.

Leveling By Row
Now you can level your blocks by rows or columns. Place an equal number of blocks in each row or column with a few clicks.

Maximum Block Height (width) Setting
Use this option setting to limit how large a block is enlarged by the ReSize and AutoSize functions.

Minimum Block Height (width) Setting
Use this option setting to limit how small a block is reduced by the ReSize and AutoSize functions.

Blocks Aspect Setting
Previous version of Writer’s Blocks have allways used a block size that is roughly 4 x 5 . You can now the block aspect setting to change the aspect ratio of you blocks.  Make you blocks square or tall and skinny of make them short and wide using this preference.

Perform Common Functions by Row
The new verision of Writer’s Blocks allows you to perform most common functions by rows or columns. You can convert blocks to manuscript, convert footnotes to endnotes, synchronize, and sort by blocks.

Span dual screens:
if you use a multi-display system, now you can move the Writer’s Blocks window to another screen or span Writer’s Blocks across all of your screens with a single click.

Drag window scrolling
In addition to scrolling with the mouse wheel or scroll bars, you can now pan the display by simply clicking and dragging your mouse to an edge of the block panel to scroll in that direction. The closer you get to one edge the faster the scrolling.

Touch Screen Enabled Ribbon Controls
The new ribbon menu can be touch enabled for use with touchscreen and pen computers such as the Microsoft Surface. When enabled buttons are enlarged for easier selection using a finger or stylus.

Touch Enabled Office Style Menus
Writer’s Blocks 5 uses a new interface based on the Microsoft® Modern™ user interface also known as the Metro™ menu system.  The interface makes accessing Writer’s Blocks commands and features easier than ever before.

Format Paint Multiple Blocks
The Writer’s Blocks 5 Format Painter command allows you to paint multiple blocks by holding down the control key when painting blocks.

Grid View
We’ve added a visible grid to Writer’s Blocks 5 to help you position your blocks manually when not using the arrange functions. This grid is similar to those found in drawing or painting programs.

Grid Snap
The grid snap function aligns your blocks to the nearest grid points for uniform positioning when dragging and dropping your blocks manually.

Size Blocks Manually
Now blocks can be sized manually using the mouse wheel. Simply click the block title in scroll the mouse wheel while holding down the Shift key.

Prints as a PDF
Writer’s Blocks 5 allows you to print your blocks as a PDF.

Product Benefits

Increase Productivity

Increased Productivity

Writer’s Blocks lets you capture, arrange, and organize your ideas easier and faster than ever before. Seeing all of you ideas on screen stimulates your creativity, generating new ideas.

Our clean and familiar modern interface let’s you write distraction free. There’s no writing method and nothing to get in your way. And you can customize Writer’s Blocks to work the way you write.

Refined for over 20 years, we’ve thought of everything. With features like:

  • AutoArrange
  • AutNumber
  • AutoSize
  • AutoMax
  • AutoType

working for you in the background, you can concentrate on what you want to say – not operating software. So you’ll be more productive than ever before.

Better Organization

Writer’s Blocks writing software lets you collect and store all of your notes, ideas, and reference information in one place. But unlike other software for writers, Writer’s Blocks keeps all of your information on screen – where you can use it. Nothing hidden away, nothing to hunt for.

Create hundreds of blocks each containing a few sentences or a few pages of text. Drag and drop blocks under user defined column headings for maximum organization. And since each idea is in a descrete container there is no chance you leave information behind when you drag and drop.

Writer’s Blocks provides you with a rich toolset that lets you capture ideas, notes, and other information, quickly and easily – and gain the full benefits of the power of association from the information you have gathered on-screen.

Write Faster

Writer’s Blocks lets you capture ideas at the speed of thought. And having all of you notes and information on screen in one place means no searching for your data or switching to other programs. Our distration free interface means you can get into the zone and stay in the zone.

Consolidating information from multiple sources is a snap with the Power Panel. Brainstorm to capture your ideas and information, then arrange them later. Because each block can hold several pages of text, the program will not limit you during any stage of developing your document.

When your ready to create your final document you’ll be able convert your blocks to the ‘Manuscript Panel’ (our integrated full-featured word processor) to expond on your ideas and flesh out your story. In split screen mode you can refer to your blocks as you write so you can complete you writing project all in one writing program. From start to finish, you’ll write faster with Writer’s Blocks.

Better Structure

Better Structure

Order your blocks in the logical sequence that best represents what you are trying to say. Arrange your blocks into a coherent structure and then transfer your outline into the integrated full-featured word processor and expound on your ideas.

Arrange your ideas and information under up to 100 column heading for maximum organization. Use colors and links to highlight important points and to establish relationships between ideas.

Use block footnotes to hold reference or links to source material. Even generate endnotes.

Easier Navigation

Writer’s Blocks’ simplicity is also it’s greatest strenght. Our clean two-pane interface keeps all of your information in front of you. No clicking through multiple screen and dialogs to operate the software. Our familiar, modern Microsoft Office® inspired Ribbon menu interface make the program very easy to navigate. This means you’ll be productive right from the start.

Navigating your information is also easy with Writer’s Blocks. Effortlessly scroll through your blocks using your mouse wheel or click & drag near the edge of the screen to pan in that direction. Or use AutoCenter to automaticall pan the active block to the center of your screen.

Use Blockmarks to link your blocks to a section of your manuscript. Click on a block to automatically scroll your manuscript to the related section of your document. Click on a blockmark to pan the related block to the center of the block panel. No more endless scrolling through your documents.

Product Features



On the surface many may see Writer’s Blocks as just another note card program. But Writer’s Blocks goes way beyond traditional note cards, offering features and benefits not seen in other programs or paper solutions. With a block’s editability and almost limitless capacity, each block is more like a word processor document than an index card. But unlike traditional word processor documents, blocks allow you view and manage your information in discrete chunks. And the ability to arrange, renumber, and size your blocks automatically adds power not found elsewhere.

Mechanically, blocks also have tremendous advantages over traditional word processor documents. Arranging information becomes a snap when you don’t have to selected individual words and worry about leave some behind – potentially scrambling parts of your document. This also goes for formatting text. Another major benefit for most Writer’s Blocks users is its non-linear nature allows you to write any part of your story or document without worrying about where it goes. No more saying to yourself: “I can’t write that part yet”.

Blocks Panel

Blocks Panel

While it’s great for small projects, Writer’s Blocks is robust writing software that can handle even your biggest writing project. Create hundreds of blocks and use up to 100 columns to collect and organize any amount of information.

Since each block can contain multiple pages of text, you can keep all of your notes in one place. Imagine seeing every word processor document on your computer, on screen – side by side – and you began to understand the power of Writer’s Blocks.

When managing a large amount of information you must balance your need to work on details and see the big picture. Only Writer’s Blocks lets you see the forest AND the trees. Not only can you see a thumbnail of your notes and information while viewing lots of blocks, you can enlarge each block to display all of its information.

Seeing all of you ideas on screen stimulates your creativity and helps you generatee new ideas. Imagine seeing every word processor document on your computer, on screen – side by side – and you began to understand the power of Writer’s Blocks. As you write and collect more and more information, your project becomes more of an information management task. Writer’s Blocks is the best way to manage all the information of your writing projects.

Manuscript Panel

Manuscript Panel

The Writer’s Blocks workspace consists of the Block Panel and the Manuscript Panel. The Manuscript Panel a full-featured word processor that you can use to complete your final document. You can display just blocks, just your manuscript, or both side-by-side.

The integrated word processor means no more switching between multiple programs as you write. This lets you concentrate on your writing, is more efficient, and makes you more productive.

Since blocks can be linked to sections of your manuscript, you can navigate your manuscript just by clicking on your blocks. No more endless scrolling to find the material you are looking for. You can even rearrange your manuscript just by rearranging you blocks using our feature called ‘AutoSync’

Write your way

We are visual thinkers. Trying to keep track of all of the details of a writing project in our heads and scattered about is distracting, inefficient, and stressful. But seeing all of your information on screen saves time and lets you stay focused on your writing. It’s also less frustrating. We like to say “Seeing is relieving”.

Why is Writer’s Blocks so effective? Because it allows you to work the way your brain works. Our brains like to put things in compartments and manage information in chunks or blocks. You’ll be amazed at how much information your brain can handle when it can easily see it in clearly defined, discrete pieces. Try it yourself. Take a newspaper and draw rectangles around several points in an article. Glance around at your rectangles and note how easy it is to recall the main idea of each rectangle. It gets even easier when you add a number, a color, or a meaningful title to each block. That’s just some of the power over your material that you’ll experience with Writer’s Blocks.

But Writer’s Blocks isn’t a writing method and there is nothing to get in your way. You can customize Writer’s Blocks to fit your writing style and work the way you write.

See All Features

FeaturesWriter’s Blocks 4Writer’s Blocks Essence
Block Panel – Create hundreds of blocks in the almost limitless workspace. Edit, format, and arrange blocks for maximum organization.Yes Yes
AutoArrange – Automatically position blocks in columns and rowsYes Yes
AutoNumber – Automatically renumber your blocks to reflect their current orderYes Yes
AutoCenter – Pans the display so that the current block is in the middle of the Block PanelYes Yes
AutoMax – Automatically enlarges the current block being edited, enabling you to see more text as you edit a blockYes Yes
AutoSize – Automatically size each block to display all of the text in the blockYes Yes
AutoType – Automatically completes words you have used previously anywhere in your document.Yes Yes
Bookmarks – Identify specific blocks in your document for easy location and reference.Yes Yes
Built-in Word Processor – Integrated full-featured word processor lets you complete your manuscript within Writer’s Blocks.YesNo
Insert Hyperlinks & pictures in blocks – Insert hyperlinks to source material and references on the web.Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Columns to move all of the blocks in a column to a new location.Yes Yes
AutoScroll – Click a block to automatically navigate to the corresponding section of your manuscriptYesNo
Create links – Create a visual relationship between two or more blocksYesNo
Block Footnotes & Endnotes – Text area at the bottom of each block can contain notes, citations, references, sources or any other additional information.YesNo
Power Panel – Small sizable window that can be used to reference and edit the contents of any block in your document.YesNo
BlockMarks – A relationship between each block in the Block Panel and the corresponding section in the Manuscript Panel. Click a block to scroll to the related section of the your manuscript.YesNo
Manuscript Synchronization – Rearranges your manuscript text to correspond with the current order of your blocks.YesNo
Reference Management – Manage citations and references. Insert data into the footnotes of your blocks. Generate endnotes from block footnotes.YesNo
QuickView – Display the contents of a block in the Power Panel by hovering the mouse pointer over a block.YesNo
AutoScript – Use the standard Tab & Enter screenplay formatting system to assist with script and screenplay development.YesNo
Export – Export Blocks or Manuscript as .docx, .doc, .rft, .txt, or. html for editing or publishing using other programs.Yes Yes
Import – Import an existing docx, .doc, .rft, .txt, or .html file into the Manuscript panel for editing or conversion to blocks.YesNo
Sample Files – Tutorial document and sample documents help you learn to use Writer’s Blocks.Yes Yes

3 Simple Steps to Get You Started with Writer’s Blocks

1. Request the trial

We’ll send you email with a link to the trial downpage with instructions.

2. Download and install

Download the trial from the link in the email and run the setup program.

3. Start writing

Step through the tutorial document and then use Writer’s Blocks on your actual writing project. Don’t worry – you can export your work to your favorite word processor at any time during the trial.