What is Writer’s Blocks?

Writer's Blocks for Windows

Writer’s Blocks for Windows is a unique writing tool that will help you organize ideas and information so that you can write any type of complex written material easier and faster. Just enter each point or idea into our expandable, movable text blocks. Now you
can quickly arrange and organize your blocks by dragging and dropping while you come up with the clearest way to present what you have written.

Let’s face it, not everyone writes in a perfectly linear manner. Writer’s Blocks frees you from working in this constricted way. When you write in a word processor, you end up constantly scrolling through page after page to see if what you have written is coherent. Writer’s Blocks is a truly visual way to view your written material. Writer’s Blocks gives you the big picture. The bird’s eye view of what you have written will give you a completely new perspective on your work.

Invest a few minutes once and save hours every time you write

If you are familiar with any popular word processing program, you’ll be an expert Writer’s Blocks user in no time. Most users spend less than 15 minutes learning the major differences between Writer’s Blocks and standard word processing programs. While Writer’s Blocks is full of features, the heart of the program is the visual outlining benefits of the movable, sizeable blocks. If you’ve ever had to take notes on index cards and spread them on a table to organize them, then you understand Writer’s Blocks.

Organize, Organize!

Columns are available to help you organize your blocks. Columns and blocks have titles that you can edit. There is a separate footnote area in each block that you can optionally use. Not sure where to put a block? There is a place for those blocks, too (the neutral area). You can easily search your blocks, customize the look of blocks, connect blocks with links and arrows, and much more.

What Do I Do With My Blocks When I’m Done?

Writer’s Blocks has a built-in word processor so that you can output what you have written in a linear way. The text in each block becomes a paragraph and the footnotes (if you used them) are used to create endnotes. You can view your manuscript alongside your blocks and each block is linked with its corresponding paragraph. You can continue tweaking what you have written or export to your favorite word processing program. From our basic word processor you can print, spell check and create headers and footers but if you are ready to do more complicated functions like creating indexes and table of contents then you’ll want to export.

What Kind of Writing is Writer’s Blocks Designed For?

You can use Writer’s Blocks for anything that’s a little complicated. Our customers have really surprised us over the years with the variety of writing projects they have used Writer’s Blocks for: novels, non-fiction books, autobiographies, screenplays, dissertations, legal briefs, speeches, and various business materials among other things.

Flexibility to Fit your Style

Our goal is not to change the way you write. Instead, Writer’s Blocks is designed with flexibility so that it enhances your writing style. Writer’s Blocks has hundreds of optional features that allow you to customize the software to work and write your way. There is a built-in User’s Guide accessed from the Help Menu that fully explains how to use all of the Writer’s Blocks features. We’ve also included sample files to get an idea of how you can use the program.


  • Increased Productivity – Writer’s Blocks lets you capture and arrange your ideas easier and faster than ever before.
  • Better Organization – Writer’s Blocks lets you store all of your document’s information in one place, but each piece of information is maintained in its own block for easy manipulation. All of your blocks are displayed in the document workspace for easy reference.
  • Faster Outlining – Writer’s Blocks lets you capture ideas at the speed of thought. And consolidating information from multiple sources is a snap with the Power Panel. Brainstorm to capture your ideas and information, then arrange them later. Because each block can hold several pages of text, the program will not limit you during any stage of developing your document.
  • Better Structure – Editing your blocks is a breeze. Each block is like a tiny word processor document. When you are ready to structure your document, just drag and drop your blocks under column heading that you define. Use the AutoArrange and AutoNumber features to keep your blocks in neat rows and columns as you flesh out your story.
  • Document Overview – Writer’s Blocks gives you the big picture. The bird’s eye view of your data that you enjoy with Writer’s Blocks will give you a completely new perspective on your work. You’ll generate your research reports better and faster than ever before!


Computer: 500 MHz Pentium computer or Higher

Memory: 64 MB RAM

Disk Space: 100 MB free space

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Writer’s Blocks Version 4. . . . $149

Writer’s Blocks Upgrade:. . . . . $119 (Registered users of Writer’s Blocks 3)