Writer’s Blocks 5 Plan Comparison

Writer’s Blocks is our full-featured writing program for writers who want all the bells and whistles. You’ll get the core of our program, of course, our unique Block Panel where you organize and visualize your writing with our flexible, sizeable movable blocks. Plus you’ll get our fully integrated word processor. You’ll also get our unique floating Power Panel that makes gathering material from other sources a snap. If you need to track references, we’ve got you covered with our footnotes and endnote capability.

FeaturesWriter’s Blocks 5Writer’s Blocks Essence
Block Panel – Create hundreds of blocks in the almost limitless workspace. Edit, format, and arrange blocks for maximum organization.Yes Yes
AutoArrange – Automatically position blocks in columns and rowsYes Yes
AutoNumber – Automatically renumber your blocks to reflect their current orderYes Yes
AutoCenter – Pans the display so that the current block is in the middle of the Block PanelYes Yes
AutoMax – Automatically enlarges the current block being edited, enabling you to see more text as you edit a blockYes Yes
AutoSize – Automatically size each block to display all of the text in the blockYes Yes
AutoType – Automatically completes words you have used previously anywhere in your document.Yes Yes
Bookmarks – Identify specific blocks in your document for easy location and reference.Yes Yes
Built-in Word Processor – Integrated full-featured word processor lets you complete your manuscript within Writer’s Blocks.YesNo
Insert Hyperlinks & pictures in blocks – Insert hyperlinks to source material and references on the web.Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Columns to move all of the blocks in a column to a new location.Yes Yes
AutoScroll – Click a block to automatically navigate to the corresponding section of your manuscriptYesNo
Create links – Create a visual relationship between two or more blocksYesNo
Block Footnotes & Endnotes – Text area at the bottom of each block can contain notes, citations, references, sources or any other additional information.YesNo
Power Panel – Small sizable window that can be used to reference and edit the contents of any block in your document.YesNo
BlockMarks – A relationship between each block in the Block Panel and the corresponding section in the Manuscript Panel. Click a block to scroll to the related section of the your manuscript.YesNo
Manuscript Synchronization – Rearranges your manuscript text to correspond with the current order of your blocks.YesNo
Reference Management – Manage citations and references. Insert data into the footnotes of your blocks. Generate endnotes from block footnotes.YesNo
QuickView – Display the contents of a block in the Power Panel by hovering the mouse pointer over a block.YesNo
AutoScript – Use the standard Tab & Enter screenplay formatting system to assist with script and screenplay development.YesNo
Export – Export Blocks or Manuscript as .docx, .doc, .rft, .txt, or. html for editing or publishing using other programs.Yes Yes
Import – Import an existing docx, .doc, .rft, .txt, or .html file into the Manuscript panel for editing or conversion to blocks.YesNo
Sample Files – Tutorial document and sample documents help you learn to use Writer’s Blocks.Yes Yes