Writing Tips

How to Write a Book Well

Hemingway Quote

Writing does not come easy for everyone, and even for those for whom it does come easy, writing a whole book can be seen as a great accomplishment in itself. However, it does not have to be such a difficult ordeal and by working smarter, you can cut back on some of the anguish that book writing generally involves.

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How to Write Better Web Content

Louis L'Amour Quote

If you are just starting out as a writer, or even if you have been writing on and off for a long time, there can still be ways where you can make your content better. Whether it is minor tweaks or full overhauls in...

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Autobiography Writing 101

Maya Angelou Quote

An autobiography is when you write about your own life story in a book. This is different than a biography, where a third party writes about your life based off of outside evidence.

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Article Writing 101

Mark Twain Quote

Writing an article is slightly different than writing a blog post. Focusing on your opinion and being laid back is fine for a blog post but when writing an article, it is best to be more professional and focus more on the researched information and the topic at hand. Here are a few tips to keep you focused for when you need write a fantastic article!

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Blog Post Writing 101

Saul Bellow Quote

Blogging is not difficult to do but it does take some effort to do well! There are many different types of posts that you can do for a blog that may not be suitable for an article so the blog post as an “art form” is pretty special. It can gain you a following or simply be a place for you to express yourself. From SEO to responding to your readers, here are a few bits of information about writing successful blog posts.

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Business Writing 101

Scott Adams Quote

Business writing can cover any type of writing that is done in a business context. This includes documents, memos, sales copy, and communications, among others. So how exactly does business writing happen? What goes into writing for business and in which ways is it different than regular article or blog writing?

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Creative Writing 101

Stephen King Quote

Many people see creative writing as something that anyone can do. However, when writing a short story, there are a few things that you can do that will help you to write great short stories. Being able to tell a story well is a gift that takes time to develop and effort in order to perfect. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t go as you planned the first time. Even the shortest of stories can

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How to Get Your Message Across

Anton Chekhov Quote

Writing in and of itself is not such a difficult thing. However, getting your point across or saying what you want to say can be much more difficult. Your point might make perfect sense to you, but if it doesn't make sense to the reader, then all of your work was for nothing. Here are some tips to use to help get your message across when writing.

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Writing Books for a Living

Douglas Adams Quote

Writing a book in and of itself can be considered quite a feat. Many writers who start their books, from novels to short stories, never finish their books. For those that do finish their book, a lot more goes into making a living as an author. Here are some tips and information that can be useful.

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How to Write A Blog Post

Edgar Rice Burroughs Quote

Whether you have just made a blog or have been running one for a long time it is important to know certain things about writing and posting blogs. Yes, you edited it so it looks appealing... now what? Well, now you have to learn how to write a good blog post. Regardless of your level of expertise, having a well-written blog can help you to bring in a lot of readers in the long-term.

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