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Techical Support

  • Installing Writer's Blocks
  • Deactivating Writer's Blocks
  • Writer's Blocks Email Support Form
  • Questions and Comments
  • If you're experiencing a problem with Writer's Blocks, please visit our support page to quickly find answers to common questions and problems.

    If you don't finds the answer or solution to your issue please fill out and submit the following bug report form. If you have a question or comment, or want to make a suggestion or a request for enhancement, please use our question and comment form.

    Email Support Form

    Use the form below to let us know about a problem you are having with Writer's Blocks. We will respond by email or phone as soon as we can.

    Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem.


    1. What version of the software are you using?

      Please select one so we know this is not spam from a web robot

    2. What operating system are you using?

    3. Please enter a brief one-line description of the problem:

      (example: "Editor doesn't respond to up-arrow under image")

    4. If the problem is reproducible, please list the steps required to cause it,
      leaving a blank line between steps:

      (example: "1. Create a new file. 2. Insert some text ...")

      If the problem is not reproducible (only happened once, or occasionally for no apparent reason), please describe the circumstances in which it occurred and the symptoms observed:

      (note: it is much harder for us to fix non-reproducible bugs)

    5. If the problem causes any error messages to appear, please write down the exact text displayed and enter it here:

    6. Please provide us with the following information in case we need to contact you:


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    Question & Comments Form

    Use the form on this page to ask a question, give us your comments, or tell us your ideas for improving Writer's Blocks, or anything else that comes to mind. To report a software problem, please use our Bug Report Form instead.

    We answer all questions but we normally do not reply to suggestions and feature request unless we have questions or need clarification. Your ideas, comments, and suggestions for improving our product are very important to us. We appreciate you taking the time to send us this information.





    1. Please provide us with the following information in case we need to contact you:




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