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We're proud to have such writers as Jim Thomas, Robert Olen Butler, Robert J. Sawyer, and Wes Craven use our product. Nothing gives us a thrill like reading a book or watching a movie that was created with the aide of Writer's Blocks - except reading their comments here.

Robert Olen Butler quote

Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Author, and Screenwriter,
“A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain”

Wes Craven, Director,
“Scream”, “Scream 2”, “Nightmare on Elm Street” , “Music from the Heart”

Wes Craven quote
William Diehl quote William Diehl, Author,
“Primal Fear”, “Reign in Hell”, “Sharky's Machine”

Jim Thomas, Producer/Writer,
“Mission to Mars", "Executive Decision”, “Predator”

Jim Thomas quote
Howard M. Gould quote Howard M. Gould, Screenwriter, Executive Producer,
“Cybill", "Mr. 3000”

Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of
“Hominids", "The Terminal Experiment”, “Mindscan” and “FlashFoward” (basis for the ABC Television show)

Robert Sawyer quote
Lawrence Riggins quote Howard Lawrence Riggins, Screenwriter, UCLA Visiting Professor,


Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Author, and Screenwriter, “Good Scent from a Strange Mountain” “I have long made crucial use of index cards in my writing, both for novels and screenplays. I was thrilled to discover Writer's Blocks. It is a brilliant software program, not only taking over all that I'd previously done with pen and card but actually opening up new and richly productive possibilities. Writer's Blocks is now an indispensable part of my creative process.”

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Wes Craven, Director, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Scream”, “Scream 2”, “Music of the Heart”
“Congratulations on your release of Writer's Blocks! It has refined an already impressive tool that continues to make my life a lot easier in the process of organizing, analyzing and digesting scripts. Right now I'm using it in pre-production on FIFTY VIOLINS [MUSIC OF THE HEART], a feature film starring Madonna [Meryl Streep] which we will begin shooting here in New York in a few weeks. I use Writer's Blocks continuously while working with our writer. It affords an easy way to refer to the script during discussions, with jumping back and forth by scores of pages raising no problem. Further, its color capacity allows me to instantly see which scenes are related, either by character, process or by time. It's visually elegant and also simply a lot of fun to use. Thanks for the help!”

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William Diehl, Author, “Primal Fear”, “Reign in Hell”, “Sharkey's Machine”
“What a great tool for any writer! Using multicolored blocks you can outline by chapter, move chapters around and they automatically renumber, run blocks on characters, locations, descriptions, options, etc., in different colored blocks without interfering with the chapter numbering, zoom in on the individual block and write to your heart's content then zoom back out and get a continuous picture of the work in progress or print it out in color. [Ashley Software] has listened to writers and made remarkable additions and changes to the original program and still left options for the writer to customize the program to fit his or her individual requirements. I start my writing day by reviewing "The Block" and end it by updating it. It has become as necessary a part of my daily writing routine as my word processing program. BRAVO!”

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Jim Thomas, Producer/Co-Writer, “Executive Decision”, “Predator”
“In my opinion one of the greatest tools screenwriters can use to organize their ideas, acts, story points, gags, sequences, characters, backstory, et cetera, is the humble file card. WRITER’S BLOCKS has electrified the file card. I’ve found your program easy to install, simple to understand – and for anyone familiar with a computer, really no more complicated to use than a file card and a pencil. I’ve also discovered that Writer’s Blocks in its printed outline form is very effective and impressive in pitch and development meetings. On a final note, the electronic record of the notes, ideas, and development process of my screenplays is far easier to store, and find, than a stack of handwritten file cards, thanks to Writer’s Blocks.”

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Howard M. Gould, Executive Producer, “Cybill”; Writer, “Home Improvement”; Screenwriter, “Mr. 3000”;
“I've always been an index card guy, using different colors on a giant corkboard to beat out a story. Writer's Blocks helps me do everything I did with cards and much more, then lets me transfer the finished outline easily to my word processing program. I use it for everything from massive screenplay outlines to tiny scene restructurings. Plus it let me get rid of the corkboard and put up something nicer to look at.”

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Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of“Hominids”, “The Terminal Experiment”, “Mindscan”
“I'm not by nature a linear writer, and plotting is difficult for me. But Writers' Blocks lets me see all my story elements graphically, and shuffle them round until order emerges from the chaos. It's a brilliant tool, simple to use, endlessly powerful, and an indispensable part of my toolkit. I recommend it highly.”

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Lawrence Riggins, Screenwriter, “Replicant", UCLA Visiting Professor
“ I’ve been using Writer’s Blocks since their inception and have enjoyed every moment. The program is creative, educational, practical, professional, and fun!
--Creative: One key to creativity is smoothly passing from improvisation to structure, and the blocks enable the writer to play with ideas and move these passages to fill the outline. The PROBLEM of writing a full-length screenplay becomes the FUN of playing with a puzzle.
--Educational: As a professor I believe in strict story structure and plotting. These requirements often overwhelm students, but Writers Blocks enables them to transition smoothly from left-brain to right-brain and back again.
--Practical and Professional: By converting from Blocks Mode to Outline Mode, improvisation and freewriting become solid passages for a full outline or a story treatment.
-Fun: See “Creative” above. Finally, a little secret: I put the “Number of Columns” mode on “7” and plan my week! Writers Blocks prevents writer’s block. ”

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