Lesson 1: Getting Started with Writer's Blocks


Getting Started with Writer's Blocks!

Your First Document

Getting started with Writer’s Blocks is easy. Click on the Writer’s Blocks icon on your desktop:

Starting Writer's Blocks

Select “New Document” in the Getting Started Box

Starting Writer's Blocks

Your first block will appear on the screen:

Start typing your first block.

Each block contains one thought, one idea, one quote, one character description – anything you want. 

Let your ideas flow.

Don’t worry about organizing your thoughts yet, just type anything that comes to mind. Let your creativity take charge.

When you are ready for your 2nd block:

  • Click on the Blocks tab on the menu bar
  • Click Add Block
  • Start typing in your new block.
Starting Writer's Blocks

Saving your work:

  • Click on the Writer’s Blocks application button
  • Select Save
  • Name your file
Starting Writer's Blocks

Want to look at your work as a manuscript?

Click on the Options tab on the menu bar and then
Select “Convert Blocks to Manuscript”

This copies all of the text in your blocks into Writer’s Blocks own built-in word processor in the Manuscript Panel on the right.
Starting Writer's Blocks

You will see a split screen with your blocks on the left side and your manuscript on the right side:

Starting Writer's Blocks

You can view your blocks, the manuscript or have a split screen where you can view both.

Click on the Display tab on the Menu Bar then choose one of the following:

  • Block Panel – to view only your blocks
  • Split Panel – to view both your blocks and your manuscript – control how much by dragging the splitter bar between the panels
Manuscript Panel – to view only your manuscript
Starting Writer's Blocks

Exporting and/or printing your manuscript:

  • Click on the Writer’s Blocks application button
  • Select Export to export your work to Microsoft Word, a PDF or several other popular file types
Select Print – to print your manuscript
Starting Writer's Blocks

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