Installing Writer's Blocks 5

In order to properly install Writer's Blocks 5 under Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 you must choose 'Run As Administrator' per Step 3 below. Follow all of the instructions below to install successfully.

Writer's Blocks 5 Download

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Click on the 'Download Writer's Blocks' button above to download the Writer's Blocks 5 Setup program and save it to your local hard drive.

2. Navigate to the Writer's Blocks 5 wb5setup.exe file on your local hard drive.
(Confirm that the file size is about 28 Mb. If the file is smaller than 28 Mb you probably did not receive the full download and should try again or use a different brower)

3. Run the WB5Setup program from the Right-Click Menu and choose 'Run As Administrator'
Windows 7 Run as Administrator

4. The User Account Control dialog may appear, asking you for permission to install this program.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

5. Click Yes to proceed and run the Writer's Blocks 5 Setup Wizard. Read the dialog and then Click Next to continue.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

6. Enter your User Name and Company Name in the Customer Information dialog. You do not need to edit the Serial Number.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

7. Click Next to proceed to the License Agreement.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

8. Read the license agreement. The Next button is disabled and you cannot continue the installation until you accept the terms of the license but clicking the radio button of the dialog.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

9. Click Next to accept the terms of the license and continue the installation.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

10. Click Next to accept the default installation folder.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

11. Click Next to confirm the selected install options.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

12. Review the setup wizard setting and click Next to begin the installation.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

13. Stand by as the Setup Wizard installs Writer's Blocks 5 onto your computer.

Windows 7 Run as Administrator

14. When the Setup Wizard is done, click Finish to complete the installation.

15. After the installation is complete, launch Writer's Blocks from the desktop shortcut icon or from the Start menu. The dialog shown below will be displayed.

16. Choose Activate Writer's Blocks 5 from the dialog.

17. Enter the License ID and Password that you received by email with your download and installation instructions. Click Continue.

Writer's Blocks Activation

18. The dialog below will appear as Writer's Blocks is activated over the internet.

Writer's Blocks Activation

After a moment you will be presented with the dialog below confirming that the activation was completed successfully.

Writer's Blocks Activation

Start enjoying Writer's Blocks 5!
Explore Writer's Blocks

Open the Tutorial.wbk file found in your ...\Writer's Blocks 5\Tutorial folder, along with other sample documents.

Read the Writer's Blocks 5 Users Manual by clicking on the Help tab and then clicking on Writer's Blocks Help. Chapter 3 (The Basics) and Chapter 4 (Using Writer's Blocks) are two highly recommended chapters.

Here is a complete list and description of Sample Files in your Writer's Blocks documents folders

A brief interactive tutorial that steps you through the basic functions

What's New in 5
Browse this extensive list of new features found in Writer's Blocks 5 and learn how you can apply them to your work

This sample illustrate how you might collect and organize information for your autobiography

20,000 Leagues
Outlines the first chapter of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Great Gatsby
This sample document outlines the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel

Techical Sample
An outline for a medical research paper

Creative Sample
A sample outline of a feature film script. Use this file when exploring the many features and functions of the program.

Cluster Diagram
A document which illustrates how to use Writer's Blocks for brainstorming and organization

Electric Fences
Story notes and structure for the screenplay that inspired the creation of Writer's Blocks 1.0 in 1993

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