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“Writer's Blocks is incredible. It's my dream writing application.”
Kenneth Bearden, Walker Jane Productions

Writer's Blocks is the most powerful writing tool I have ever encountered. It's had more impact on my writing than any class I've taken or book I've read. This tool makes it possible for me to focus on the details of a single scene and then zoom out to SEE the structure of my entire story--the big picture. I use WB as a first-entry point for my thoughts by recording single blocks of information (a single word, a single sentence, or paragraphs upon paragraphs, if needed). But the power of the program reveals itself as I drag those blocks around, arranging my ideas, organizing them into a coherent story.

Writer's Blocks is incredible. It's my dream writing application. I don't think I will ever stop using it, because it's a tool that helps me do the hardest job in writing: fill the blank page.

I highly recommend Writer's Blocks to every writer I know.

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“The software has been invaluble to me.”
Fern Burgett

It is the most powerful writing tool I've ever owned and the best I've seen on the market. It is simple to use and the owner's manual accompanying the software is easy to understand.

The software has been invaluable to me. I use it to organize my research notes, and chapters. The blocks can be used just like we used to use index cards, making it easy to keep track of progress, change entire paragraphs, move whole sections. It is easy to toggle between my Word processor and Writer's Blocks to add notes, make changes, etc. I can then import entire sections from Writer's Blocks into the project. Many books on writing emphasize the use of index cards or outlines. Writer's Blocks is a turbo-charged set of index cards allowing me to jot notes, create outlines, shift scenes, chapters without missing a single beat.

My writing is used in house. For years I taught a pre-certification A+ computer class at a local store. The manual that resulted from these classes was distributed as part of the course material and included in new computer sales. Writing and illustrating policy manuals and SOP (standard operating procedure manuals) for my job has never been easier.

Ashley Software's technical support for its product is unparalleled in excellence. The support staff have been there for me every step of the way. One time, they even wrote new code to so Writer's Blocks would work with a computer that had a conflicting driver.

Writer's Blocks is well worth the cost and I can not imagine writing without it.

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“Don't boot up without it.”
Paul S. Wilson - author The Beersheba Conspiracy and The Cross and the Knifeblade

One major challenge in writing a novel is keeping track of the plot, subplots, characters, the who was seen where last and what day is it kind of thing. Writers Blocks makes all that a manageable task. It cut the completion time for my second novel by 75% compared to my first. Don't boot up without it.

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“I am very pleased with the product.”
Karen Majka

I have been using Writer`s Blocks for several months now and am very pleased with the product. It makes organization of material so quick and easy! I am now able to keep track of ideas and subjects with a "click" instead of having to rifle through piles of notes or unorganized files. I hesitated to buy Writer`s Blocks for awhile because I thought it was just another program that would not work as advertised, but let me tell ya, now that I have it I wouldn't want to be without it ever again! It IS as good as advertised!

I am very pleased with the product.

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“I highly recommend WB.”
Victor Rosa, Successful Independent Writer/Producer
(thanks to Writers Blocks)
Mount Holly, New Jersey

I am an independent film producer from New Jersey. Writers Blocks has helped me organized my project thoughts tremendously! Especially since I work in abstract fashion, piecing together my storylines from every which way and any which time. Reorganizing these thoughts processes and ideas has become a streamlined exercise in expediency! I highly recommend WB to any person with a creative or non-creative need to compile written data.

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“Writer's Blocks is a MUST HAVE for every serious writer.”
K. A. Young

I'm writing this testimonial because I'm grateful to Ashley Software for Writer's Blocks and all the latest enhancements that have made it the most versatile, immediately useful tool I have found to help me get from idea to manuscript.

More specifically...

Three vastly different ideas of mine have found expression with Writer's Blocks. --I used WB to plot my first book, a juvenile novel. --I'm using WB to pin down an idea for a non-fiction book. --Currently, I'm using WB to plot my most challenging adult novel idea.

For the juvenile novel, I represented chapters with columns and scenes with blocks. I was able to integrate two subplots with the main plot, using WB's linking arrows. This resulted in a tightly-woven novel with both character growth and action, which I am pleased to say has met with positive reaction from adult readers as well as children.

With the nonfiction book, I'm using columns to represent facets of my idea and blocks to hold my notes for each facet. I'm thrilled to be able to copy-paste lengthy chunks of internet material and notes into the blocks. With WB, I can organize my material during this early stage in such a way that I can easily manipulate it when ready to flesh out my idea.

My idea for intersecting novels could not take shape without the help of Writer's Blocks. At first, the idea seemed to be bigger than Writer's Blocks (or even I) could cope with. Not so since I started using multiple WB files for the same book. I have one WB file for all my notes on the novel and one WB file for all my scenes. While I'm imagining scenes, if I stumble on a detail, my notes are just a block and a click away. While I'm entering notes, scenes come to mind; a phrase or two in a block of the other file keeps the fresh scene from fading into oblivion. When I get nearer to writing my first draft, I expect to create more WB files--one for each intersecting novel. They will serve as flight paths on which my muse can soar, paths which can be altered at a moment's notice if my creative juices begin to flow in a different direction.

Writer's Blocks doesn't assume any level of detail, organization, or structure. It leaves the writer completely free to tailor the software to his own immediate style and purpose. That is, to me, one of its ultimate advantages over all other writing software. WB lets me experiment. I can outline at whatever level works for me at the moment, keep notes in whatever way suits my present purpose, and develop my material in a flexible format. WB lets me change my mind at any point without losing data or hardly any time.

The book, Building Better Plots by Robert Kernen, emphasizes the use of index cards. I am able to put his many excellent suggestions to work for me by using "index cards on steroids," as Writer's Blocks has been called. Since I have a degree in CS and make my living as a technical writer, I use my PC extensively and cannot fathom restricting myself to a pencil and handwritten cards. Writer's Blocks lets me change titles, fonts, and colors to represent various aspects of my story; link those aspects in meaningful ways, and then WB sorts and rearranges these elements when and how I choose. For example, I use a different color for blocks containing different kinds of notes in my Notes file while using different colors for blocks pertaining to one story-line or another in my Scenes file; WB lets me sort by color. Still, if I get to the point where I want to see my plot spread out all over the table or the floor, as Kernen suggests, Writer's Blocks will let me print my electronic blocks on actual index cards as well.

Writer's Blocks liberates writers. It encourages rather than stifles creativity. I want a good grip on the details and outline for my intersecting novels so I won't get bogged down or write myself into a corner. I also want freedom to dream my scenes, to let my characters and setting interact, to let my story go wherever it needs to. Writer's Blocks allows me the freedom to be organized while able to completely rearrange everything AND take my manuscript along for the ride!

Writer's Blocks is one of the best investments I've made in my career as a writer.

Thanks again, Ashley Software, for Writer's Blocks!

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“I absolutely love this program and don't think it could be pried out of my hands!”
Charisse Floyd

reviewer for "ForeWord Magazine"

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“I totally love it and there is nothing I would ever use again!”
Teresa Sixberry

Ashley Software's (Writer's Blocks) is the single best authoring program for me!
I have tried others and there seemed to be no end to files that will not be found.
Writers block helps me color coordinate topics, fantasy, sci-fi, personal journal that I hope to be able to turn into a book or two soon. I have shared it with one friends and she is doing her second book with the Writers Block Program. I do not know what to say save that I totally love it and there is nothing I would ever use again!

Thanks for Everything

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“I have found your software invaluable.”
Robert P. Jones, Greenville, RI

I was a dedicated user of your original software but my recent upgrade to Writer's Blocks was well worth the investment. As someone who works on multiple projects concurrently, I have found your software invaluable. It enables me to add scenes, characters, ideas, even single sentences or lines of dialogue, as easily as I might jot them down in a notebook. I most enjoy being able to custom-design my own block templates to fit whatever writing project I'm working on, rather than being locked into a pre-formatted interface. For fiction or nonfiction, Writers Blocks may be the only writing program that organizes your ideas while still letting your imagination run wild. Well done!

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“Writing becomes that much simpler, not to mention faster.”
Peter Rosier

Writing mystery/crime books, plotting is of no small importance. It was this element of my (as yet unpublished) writing that seemed likely most to benefit from Writers' Blocks. However, being able to organize the story in a logical way, with a number of different views depending on what task was in hand (an advantage over the traditional card system which the program replaces), has turned out to be the key utility from your program.

Using the program, it is easy to see - and review as you need - how characters can enter and leave the story (and thus how well-developed you may wish them to be) how the pace and progression of the story is being managed, where and when the story is taking place and what elements might better fit elsewhere. Once the essential blocks to draw the outline and direction are in place, writing becomes that much simpler, not to mention faster.

This is a program I have already recommended to other members of my small writers' group - and which I would recommend to anyone else who fancies the idea of a well-managed, well-paced, well developed story.

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“Your product is light-years beyond what is out there.”
Tom Kane

As a working writer of both screenplays and novels, Writer's Blocks is precisely what I've been looking for. The ease-of-use and complete attention to detail in your product is light-years beyond what is out there. In many ways, you have taken the best aspects of a product like Inspiration and combined it with a total word processing package that makes for a totally fantastic writing experience.

When you added the AutoScript function, you turned what was an impressive package into something that is beyond all of my expectations. With Writer's Blocks, I was able to outline, draft, revise, edit, and complete a script in a little less than half the time I normally have been able to do. What an accomplishment.

With your color-coding features and your Windows XP interface capabilities, you have made your software an indispensable part of my system. Although I'm a writer, words fail me as to how impressed I am with what you've done.

Congratulations on a product that is superior to anything that is currently on the market.

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“What a great program!”
Pamela Burgess


Writer's Blocks helped straighten out a mess! I had written over 6,000 paragraphs out of sequence and without an outline. With Writer's Blocks I was able to organize my thought process as well as my novel. By toggling between the small blocks of action and the full length manuscript version of the book, I can now track the story line and rewrite or add text as I go.

What a great program!

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“A 'thought processor' whose capabilities seem to be infinite.”
Louis Orosz

My impression is that Writer's Block is the most understated program ever produced for PC consumption and available today. It is a statement of modesty if you read the testimonials from other writers. But it is substantially more than a writer's helper; it is what water is to sustaining life. It is by all my measures a "thought processor" whose capabilities seem to be infinite.

I use it to identify patterns and trends, analyze and formulate strategy and even do the simple job of assembling multiple reports and stories by inputting information over a long period of time, to communicate and brain storm concepts with clients and associates, to organize my work tasks over different time periods and to keep track of my personal paperwork. Writer's Block would be the last and only program I owned if I were ever forced to make this choice.

Thank you Ashley Software!

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“Writer’s Blocks is a perfect fit for me.”
Gordon De Land

Dear Ashley Software:

Short scenes, snippets of dialogue, a few lines of description—the things that suggest a larger story to me have often become sources of frustration when I try to incorporate them in a full outline.

Enter Writers Blocks. I can now begin with my snippets, one per block, and then with a few more blocks broadly sketch out the rest of the storyline. With this basic beginning and tentative order in place, I can then continue adding, deleting or rearranging blocks of text to finish the story. Capture, order, flexibility, scale. What more could I ask? Writer’s Blocks is a perfect fit for me.

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