How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Touch

How To Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough

You haven’t been working like you should have been, and now you have a lot of work on your plate. Your editor is harassing you, wondering when your manuscript is going to come in, or clients are asking for their work. Maybe instead you are working hard, but the money is just not coming in to pay the bills. How do you keep going when the world feels like it is against you?

Use Your Time Wisely

When you are a writer, it is very easy to just let time get away from you. It is very easy to not connect the idea that time and money, and every single hour of every single way is a potential amount of money. This even includes the many hours that you spend browsing Facebook or watching Judge Judy on YouTube.

Once you made the connection that each hour you spend not working is potential money lost for your business, you will start to utilize your time more beneficently, making the hard times feel a little less hard.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

As with time management, a lot of why writers hit this brick wall is because are our own worst enemies. You may be doing fairly well with your business, but since you didn’t write a whole book before your plane landed like Stephen King did does not mean you are a bad writer.

So stop comparing yourself to other writer, and strive to make your writing career work for you. Remember, it is quality that matters, not how many books you have under your belt, or how many articles you can jam into your portfolio.

Always Strive To Get Better

The tough times become easier with the more knowledge that you have. In that sense, it is best to try your hardest to learn new skills and get more knowledge so that you have a leg up in your field. Using sites like Skillshare in your free time is a good way to keep those hard times from happening, or at least happening as often.

When it comes to having to deal with tough times, you do not have to be complacent. There are many things that you can do to help to prevent to get out of a tough situation. It may require a little bit more work, however.

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