Is Your Creative “Dam” Backed Up?

Is Your Creative “Dam” Backed Up?

Word processing programs are great tools — even indispensable to most writers.  But the problem is, they force you to look at your writing (and your creative ideas) in a linear fashion.

While trying to brainstorm and organize concepts, scenes, and other elements into a logical order, a word processing program can thwart your progress — acting as an unwelcome “dam” in your river of thoughts and ideas.

Using index cards and a corkboard is another method.  But after a certain point, index cards become unmanageable and impractical.  (Ever try to make sense out of 200 cards scattered all over your living room floor?)

Open Up Your Creative Floodgates

Writer’s Blocks breaks through all these creative barriers. It helps free your mind from this anxiety — from all these self- imposed constraints — by allowing you to capture, visualize, organize, and evaluate information and ideas in a more natural, efficient way.

And when your ideas begin to flow freely…when you have a more efficient way to get those ideas out of your head…you’ll start tapping into new and much more creative possibilities.

You won’t experience the stress and pressure of staring at a blank page or a blank word processor screen. You’ll start to see more powerful ideas emerge.  You’ll see your productivity increase.  You’ll be able to write more.  Faster.

And your writing will be fresher and more authentic — a better reflection of what you want to convey, and the way you want to convey it.  Try it yourself and see how Writer’s Blocks will transform your writing.