Got 15 Minutes? How to Write 500+ Words

Got 15 Minutes? How to Write 500+ Words

Many blog post writers like webmasters and freelancers must write their content as quickly and effectively as possible. Unfortunately, most writers – especially the beginners – can’t manage to do that, so they end up spending hours on a simple 500 words article. Usually, they get distracted, they lose focus, they waste time editing every sentence, and all this hustle could be avoided if they’d only knew how to approach their work.

Well, if you’re one of the writers I’m talking about, I’m here to help you stop agonizing over the irrelevant matters you usually care for during the writing process. In today’s post, you’ll learn how to write more than 500 words in less than 20 minutes. Pay attention and apply!

Leave the Edit at The End

I know you may not like what you’ll hear now but going back (over and over again) to check and edit every word and sentence you lay down is a mistake and it’ll severely slow down the whole process. You should let the words flow and stop worrying about writing perfectly. Don’t let your imagination and ideas get interrupted by all the little mistakes you make.

So, you can stop this bad, time-consuming habit by simply turning off the spellchecker. This way, you’ll feel a smaller urge to edit as you write, leaving the finishing touches at the end of the writing process. To perfect your work, you should even

Start with the Research

As Robert Peterson, the HR manager at the best paper writing service company, notes, “The research process is the most important part of our writing process. However, it could be a serious time killer if you’re not doing it properly or at all. You’ll keep interrupting the writing process to find more and more information or to check up facts and figures. Eventually, you’ll end up spending two hours on a 500 words article.”

This is something most of the writers do, they fail to do an effective research before they start and get caught in this trap, it’s very easy to fall into it, I still get caught in it from time to time.

Stay Away from Distractions

Before you’re all set to start the writing process, make sure that you put all distractions away. Otherwise, you’ll fall into the temptation to check the news, spend some time on social media, or engage in any unimportant activity. Your mind will be no longer be fully focused on the creative process and therefore it’ll stop being productive.

You can use Chrome’s Strict Workflow app to eliminate every possible digital distraction while you write. For 25 minutes, you’ll have to stay focused on the task no matter what. Once that time is over, you get 5 minutes for a break.

In that time, you can access Facebook, you can check your email, or you can do something else. When the work time is up, the app will remove all these distractions for you, helping you keep your focus where it belongs.

Come Up with an Outline

After you do your research, create an outline to ensure you don’t lose your main ideas. You don’t have to make it complicated or very detailed. Just divide the article into subheadings and maybe sketch some ideas to make certain that it won’t slip away.

When I have to write a 500 words article, I usually divide it in 3 to 5 main topics, according to the complexity of the information I need to explain throughout subheading. Organizing your article is critical if you don’t want to spend your whole day on a 500+ words article.

Improve Your Writing Speed

True fast writing is a skill that few writers possess. If you are one of the “slow” writers, here are two things you can do to improve this skill. First, you should learn to use all your fingers while typing on the keyboard. You should practice all-fingers typing while you write your current blog posts. Once you get it right, you’ll be able to reduce your writing time by half while slowly improving your content’s quality.

The second exercise is more like a challenging game. Consistently track the amount of time you spend while writing future posts and see how long it takes you to write each. Or, you can change the tracking goal and aim to write 100 words as quickly as possible. Go again, and again, and take it progressively. Every skill is built in time, with practice, and through consistency!

Try doing these exercises for a month and you’ll have no trouble writing 500 words in 15 minutes.


Do you want more time for yourself, no more stressful days, no more lengthy articles? Follow these easy tips and tricks and your life as a writer will definitely become easier and wealthier.

Remember that your job is no kids game and that you should always treat it seriously. Therefore, when you’re done writing, pay all your attention to proofreading, make sure that you have covered anything there is to cover on that specific topic, and ensure that your text content is readable.

With no more further ado, you are all set to be a better and faster writer. So, what are you waiting for? Start improving your writing skills and enjoy the new free time you’ll get every day!

Mark Delarika is a professional content writer, teacher, and successful blogger. He is familiar with a wide range of spheres concerning running own business and education. Mark taught in more than 10 countries all over the world. He helps students, educators, writers and business people to improve their writing skills, shares his personal experience and gives practical tips.