Creative Writing 101

Creative Writing 101

Many people see creative writing as something that anyone can do. However, when writing a short story, there are a few things that you can do that will help you to write great short stories. Being able to tell a story well is a gift that takes time to develop and effort in order to perfect. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t go as you planned the first time. Even the shortest of stories can

Write an Outline

This really helps make sure that you write exactly what you planned on writing to begin with. When writing any story, it can be easy to go off track, making the story look totally different to what you envisioned. Writing an outline can show you what you want to happen and where, to help you to stay on track.

Another reason to do this is because it tells you what you have written, and what more that you need to write. It helps to keep you on track, to not increase your word count so high that it makes the story into a novel.

Include a Small Cast of Characters

Something that is important to note, is that the smaller the cast of characters, the smaller the story will be. So in order to help keep the word count lower, it is best to include just a few main characters. This way you can make the storyline intense and detailed, without having to worry about tying up any loose knots with characters that may or may not have a critical role in the story.

This is especially true when it comes to main characters. Side characters generally do not have a lot to play in the context of the story. However, main characters generally get a background, a purpose, and a plot. Side characters do not have to have all those words, so lowering the cast of characters also gives you more words to flesh out and improve the quality of the main characters.

Be Imaginative and Write in Detail

While it may seem as though less detail will make a shorter story, it is still vital to make your story appeal to the readers. Many writers of short stories tend to believe that in order to write a good short story, that they have to eliminate the details of their world and characters. All this does is make a boring story with very little to see in it. Keeping a higher level of detail can be easily done while also keeping the page count low, it is a case of choosing the right words

Keep the Story Simple

It’s hard to write a short story when your outline is long enough to be a novella. In order to circumvent this, you can make the story simpler. This does not mean that the story has to be boring, just less extravagant. This may mean that you have to eliminate a few of the filler scenes in your book.

However, if you want to write more, then do so. Writing too much filler content can take the reader away from the main story plot, and they lose interest in getting invested with the story. So writing a detailed yet simple story is great to make sure that you write enough content, but also keep it short.

Detailed Yet Simple?

Yes! Give the important details, especially the characters, settings and key aspects to the story. Reduce the less important parts and do not spend time on creating detailed accounts of happenings that have little importance to the storyline. In this way, you can give sufficient detail, without too much. Short stories are meant to be sharper, take the attention and be read in one sitting where possible. This means that all parts of the story will be within the memory, the characters do not need, for example, to have detailed reminiscing of things mentioned earlier as you may have in a longer novel.

Organization – The Real Key

When writing anything, organizing your thoughts, keeping them together and focused as well as laying them out in an intelligent fashion are vital to achieving a positive result.

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