Autobiographers FAQ

Would people like to hear my story?” and other Autobiographer questions

Writing about your whole life story may seem like the most boring thing in the world to you. However, that does not have to be the case. There are many interesting enough things that happen in everyone’s life that would make for a good book worth reading. So what are some questions one may ask before writing an autobiography?

Who Would Read About My Life?

It depends, what part of your life do you think is good enough to write about? If your autobiography is pretty niche in nature, you may get a pretty decent amount of people who enjoy reading about your life. This is why many successful autobiographers have a pretty specific niche that they want to talk about, like how they went vegan, or what life was like when growing up in the 1950’s as a gay man.

Since autobiographies give a glimpse into one’s history, you can write a well-written story of your life, even if you’re not famous or well-known.

Why Would I Want To Write About My Life?

Unless you are famous or well-accomplished it may seem hard to find a reason to write a book about your life. However, even writing a story in regards to minor areas of your life, like a near death experience, can be interesting for a lot of people.

Writing about your life can be very influential to other people as well, as it helps people to see that even they can accomplish something in life. Doesn’t giving people the motivation to continue on seem justified enough to write your story?

What If It Causes Drama?

This is one thing you have to be careful with, as we don’t want to burn bridges or cause lawsuits. As long as you word it carefully and use pseudonyms whenever possible, there will be little issue when it comes to drama. Just don’t intentionally try to cause drama, no matter how good it would sound in your autobiography, and you should be fine.

Writing about your life doesn’t mean that you have to be famous, or a well known public figure, you just have to have something interesting to write about, and simply write it. Don’t feel discouraged, life is too short to second guess how fascinating your life has been.

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